Short Video Ads


How to create a short video ads:

As the title suggests, you can now turn your words into a video. Yes, you heard right. Today we will learn a way to make some words into video. So let's get started. Usually, this method is use to create a video ads also.

1) Create short video ads

To get started with this method, we need to use a website. The name of this site is LUMEN5.COM. You must first become a member of this website. You can register by email or Facebook ID to become a member. 

After registering, come to the Dashboard and there you have to find the "Use a Script" option.

In the script you have to provide the words or article that you need for the video or you have to convert it to video format. Just copy the text and paste it here.

2) Short video ads maker

After entering the words in the script field, press the Next button. 
In the next option they will show you different types of templates, choose your favorite template from them and press the Next button.

After choosing the video format, choose the theme.

Yes, your video is ready after this process, image is below:

Here is your video, press the Publish button and download it.

Now you can convert your video to any format and give it to your client.


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