Best Ways of Earning Money Online

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In this article I'm going to show you seven of the best work from home jobs available right now. Then I will allow you to earn money from anywhere in the world and don't require to have lots of previous experience or qualifications. I'm also going to show you how and where you can apply for all of these jobs and give you a few tips on getting started in each one. All you need is a basic computer and an internet connection work from home jobs or remote jobs.  So what websites you need to approach at any other helpful resources that might help you to get these jobs. You'll notice that a lot of these websites are UK-based. But you don't need to be based in the UK to apply for them.  It will take years to build up and train. Anyway so let's start looking at these jobs. 

1) Virtual Assistant or VA

Virtual assistants provide admin support to small business owners. But generally speaking the type of task we'll be doing will include things like document formatting, organizing emails and responding to emails updating and managing spreadsheets diary. Management online research for things like articles and presentations and also things like booking flights, trains and hotels for business travel. I would class the skills needed as general office skills, so knowing how to use Microsoft Word, Excel or Google sheets and Google Docs. So things like Outlook or Gmail you'll also need to have a good grasp of the English language and a good ability to provide written communication and to follow briefs a lot of these skills can be learned right here on websites. There are lots of tutorials on these topics and a quick tip for those of you who struggle with written English or perhaps English is in your first language you can use a spelling and grammar checking tool like grammarly which is a Chrome extension that checks all of your documents all of your emails. VA jobs going for around 25,000 pounds a year another point worth noting is that virtual assistants are often paid for the tasks they do and not for their time which means if you can get really good at doing certain tasks and start doing them really quickly you could potentially earn a lot more than the average figures. So how do you get a job as a virtual assistant well probably the easiest way to get started?

2. Article Writing

Article writing involves writing relatively short articles or even blog posts for websites are in constant need of content to entertain their readers so there's a really high demand for this type of work and you can find work writing on just about any topic Under the Sun these days obviously a good level of written English is needed to be an article writer and also an understanding of how to structure a good article and keep readers entertained copywriters are very similar to article writers but they write text specifically for advertisement type material so for sales pages on websites or for leaflets and brochures and things like that so it's more geared towards encouraging readers to buy products or sign up for services so again it requires a very good level of written English but also as a copywriter you need to be able to sort of tap into people with emotions and persuade them to take action if you want to improve your writing skills there are lots of information sources out there to help you do that these days online in particular marketing sites like hub spot or copy blogger or really good sources but another really good way to learn how to write well is just to study other writers you probably read lots of articles online so next time you read one you know starts to looking a bit more objectively see how the article is structured and try to learn a bit more about how the writer keeps you interested article and copyright to pay varies a lot but if you're just starting out at the industry you can probably expect to earn anywhere between three to four pounds per 100 words written which means if you can write a 500 word article in one hour then you'll earn an average hourly rate of around 17 pounds 50 and I never try to compromise and 20 to 25 K in a permanent role but as you increase your skills of the writer and perhaps start to specialize in certain areas you can really start to increase those pay rates so for example if you were to work your way into becoming a specialist a sales copy writer for technology companies and you could probably own a lot higher rate because the pages you're writing for will be generating high-value sales for those businesses which means that the employers will be prepared to pay you a much higher rate to write those pages so it's really about getting stuck in and carving your own pathway if you want to learn the best phrases of writer to get an article or copyright for a job again I would suggest starting with the freelance websites like people per hour like setting up a profile start applying for jobs within those sites and also saying up your own mini adverts to tell people the services that you're offering first it can be quite tricky to land jobs on these freelance sites when you don't have any feedback or reviews because the buyers have no ways to trust you to get around this problem start offering work at a really low competitive rates to get some early buyers in and then once you've built up some good feedback you can slowly start to increase your rates because once you starts to get a few reviews say that you've done good work then other people will start to have more trust in you and you'll be able to charge higher prices and people want to work with you because they can see that you've deliver good results for others you can also sign up to work for a big copywriting agency like copper foil sex broker what they do is I essentially have contracts with large companies to create lots of content and then they hire remote writers to write that content for them so you basically sign up with these agencies buy their websites and you may be required to do a quick test to determine the level of your writing ability and then once you're signed up they will simply assign you work and give you deadlines and you just have to complete those writing tasks within the deadlines given now the pay does tend to be a little on the low side with these agencies but they can give you lots of regular work and it's a really good way to get started if you don't already have some experience and of course you can find permanent and contract remote writing positions on the main job boards and on remote specialist job boards.

3. CV Writing / Copyrights Writing

The third type of writing work from home job is CV writer and this is essentially rewriting people CVS for them to help them get jobs or resumes if you're in the US. There was a surprising amount of demand for this service out there and there were lots of companies offering it and it's also topic I know quite a lot about because I used to write CDs as a freelance TV writer on people per hour and this eventually led to me starting my own business standard CV. I started off writing CVS for 10 pounds per CV on people per hour and gradually raised my rates of 100 pounds per CV and then I went on to build my own website and eventually was able to build a fulltime income and quit my day job and there as on I'm telling you that is because I think there's lots of potential of any of these jobs if you're willing to stick with them and dedicate some time and effort to them now you might not want to start a business particularly in the long run but it's definitely possible to make some big changes to your income and to your lifestyle if you stick with some of these jobs even if some of the starting pay rates don't seem that impressive so the first thing you need to do to become a CV rise it's obviously to learn how to write CV and luckily for you I have one of the biggest resource son the internet for that so if you head over to standout CV com links will be in the description of course I've got lots of guides on their lots of example CV templates etc that you can have a look at and you can hopefully learn a good basic understanding of how to write CV from that and then once you've done that you can perhaps offer to Re its ma CVS for friends or family just to get a bit of practice before you start looking for paid work so there are a couple of ways you can get started working as a CV writer the first is to sign up with one of the big US or UK CV writing companies like top CV top resume but perceive ECT CV there are lots out there a few Google search for CV writing companies you'll be able to find plenty you'll sign up with them and they'll usually have some kind of entrance tests you'll have to provide your own CV and perhaps some example series of other CV that you've done and then once you sign up with them they will then assign you jobs and generally speaking they will pay anywhere between 10 and 40 pounds per CV depending on the types of customers they deal with some of them will want you to interact with the customer directly and run for a consultation process to get the information from them before writing their CV whereas other companies will handle all of the customer interaction and then provide you with a brief and you will then just have to return the CV to the company within a certain dead line unfortunately I'm not hiring a standard CV at the moment if I ever am I will of course an out tie here on YouTube you can also provide CV writing services on some of the freelance sites I've mentioned earlier like people per hour like again it's a simple we're sending up a profile advertising what you offer and then I would again go with the tactic of starting with low competitive prices to get some early buyers in and then gradually raising your rates as you start to improve your profile by getting more and more feedback from happy customers and of course you might also be able to find some remote CV writing jobs.

4. Remote English Teacher

The next job on this list is a remote English teacher in countries like China and Russia there is big demand for English tutoring because a lot of parents out there want their children to speak English so to fill this demand a big number of companies have popped up offering English tutoring to people in these countries the job involves running online teaching sessions with students and helping them to improve their English fluency via interactions and tests and the work schedule can bear ranged flexibly to work around yourself and the students there requirements to do this job will require from companies a company but of course you will need a good command of the English language some companies will also require you to have a degree but certainly not all of them some companies want you to have a TEFL certificate which stands for teaching English foreign language now this could cost you anything from 100 pounds to a few hundred pounds and will take you about a week or so to complete online depending on how you want to take the course but again not all of them ask for this certificate and you don't need to necessarily speak the customer language but of course that would be beneficial the pay for this job will again depend on who you're working for on average online English teachers earn anywhere between 11 to 19 pounds an hour to land one of these jobs you just need to apply directly to one of these online English tutoring companies I will of course put links in the description and just make sure that you're taking all of the requirements that they're asking for before you apply.

5. Data Entry Clerks/Administrator

The next job on this list is data entry. Now our data entry jobs are really straightforward you're simply helping companies to process and store their data by taking it from one source and entering into another. So as an example of how this might work a company might have lots of old customer records stored on paper somewhere and they need to move at the times and get all of those records onto digital format. There you might then go and hire a data entry clerk to read all of those paper records and then move them on to an online database. And then that record will move onto something even simpler like an Excel spreadsheet to get started in data entry you just need to be able to read information accurately and type a fairly quick rate on average. Data entry work for UK firms pays around 8 pounds an hour but if you can start to move on to slightly more complex data work like data cleansing and data analysis you can start to push that towards 1015 pounds an hour maybe even more depending on the kind of work. You're doing Microsoft Excel is a really powerful one popular tool for managing and processing data and you can learn lots of clever things to do a bit right here on YouTube and if you can become with Excel you'll certainly make yourself more valuable to employers in data rolls especially but also lots of other jobs remote or otherwise the best way to get started in data entry is to pick up small jobs on freelance websites and then start to build relationships with the people that you work for and start to get some ongoing work with them you can also find data entry jobs on the main job boards and the remote job boards but they don't seem to come up as often so it might be a good idea to setup some job alerts so that you get notified as soon as data entry jobs come out.

6. Proofreading / Editor

The next job on the list is proofreading and editing so I spoke earlier about writing jobs and I said that there are a lot of businesses out there with websites who need lots of written content for their sites well those businesses also need people to check that that writing is correct and there are no spelling or grammar mistakes and in order to do this they hire proof readers and editors to check the work and make sure it's perfect before it gets published proofreading and editing obviously requires a very good knowledge of the English language and good attention to detail a lot of companies like their proof readers and editors too from writing backgrounds so you could potentially start off doing some writing work and then gradually work your way up build your experience and then look to move over into a proofreading role or an editing role in the long run on average proof readers tend to earn around 20 pounds an hour but that can be raised quite a lot if you are for example working in a very high-paying industry or dealing with complex subject matter such as scientific research or legal documentation to find proof reading jobs it's best to look in the same places I mentioned for the writing jobs because anybody who hires lots of writers is probably also going to hire proof readers and editors too so have a look at some of the big agencies is probably a best bet and also on their more sites and freelance sites.

7. Online Customer Service

The next job on this list is Online Customer Service now as you know customer service is a big part of most businesses and traditionally customer service agents will be based in offices or in call centers or directly in shop fronts and they will do things like dealing with inquiries handling complaints answering questions etc but these days a lot of businesses have a purely online presence or they simply want to save costs on offices and shops and things like that so this means that they're hiring remote customer service staff which is creating a lot more remote job opportunities so these jobs would involve all of your standard customer service duties so you might be answering questions over live chat or email or you might be providing technical assistance about certain products over the phone you don't necessarily need previous customer service experience to do one of these jobs but just having good communication skills and a good way of dealing with people will give you a head start in most cases these jobs tend to pay between eight to ten pounds an hour and you're going to find them all over the web on the main job web sites on the remote job board and another really good way to find these jobs is looking for big global companies that you know of and looking through their careers pages and searching for remote customer service jobs so that brings me to the end of the jobs list but before I wrap up this video I just want to show you a couple of things that you should really avoid when looking for remote or work from home jobs number one is get-rich-quick schemes now if you're doing your own research when you're looking for work from home jobs and you're going to be on the site so I've showed you which is absolutely a good idea because I'm sure there are plenty more out there then you may find that you come across some dubious offers from shady-looking a site saying things like become a millionaire overnight by trading Bitcoin or earn thousands of dollars a day we any prior experience I'll have to tell you as a general rule of thumb if it sounds too good to be true it probably is and if you sign up for something like that it will usually be some kind of scam where you're asked to pay a lot of money for a piece of software or a course that will apparently help you to generate lots of money a short space of time but the reality is it probably won't work and it will actually leave you in much worse financial situation than you were before you started and that brings me on to the second thing that you should avoid when you're looking for work from home jobs and that is paying money to the employer if you're applying for a job and the company is asking you to pay them for the privilege of working for them then that is a huge red flag it even just means that the company are very unprofessional I'm doing very well financially or at worst they might be trying to profit from job applicants so if a company asked you to pay them even one penny I would walk away instantly now there may of course be instances where you're required to have a qualification or some kind of background check that needs to be paid for but really that should be paid to the external body that run those things and not to the employer that you'll be working for so that brings me to the end of the video I really hope you found it helpful if you have done I'd love if you can leave a comment below especially if you've tried one of these jobs and found some success with it it'll be great for myself and also for other viewers to hear how you've done it.

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