On-page | Off-page SEO Checklist

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On-Page | Off-Page Checklist



• Do a site: search
• what percentage pages are returned (this are often way off so don’t put an excessive amount of stock in this)?
• is that the homepage exposure as the first result?
• If the homepage isn’t showing up because the first result, there might be issues, like a penalty or poor site
architecture/internal linking, affecting the location. Check indexed pages.

Search for the Brand and Branded Terms

• is that the homepage exposure at the highest , or are correct pages exposure .
• If the right pages aren’t exposure because the first result, there might be issues, like a penalty, in play.

Homepage content

• Does the homepage have a minimum of one paragraph?

Landing pages

• Do these pages have a minimum of a couple of paragraphs?
• Is it template text or it completely different?

Site contains real and substantial content

Is there real content on the location or is that the “content” simply an inventory of links?

Proper keyword targeting

• is that the intent right?
• Are there pages targeting head terms, midtail, and long-tail keywords?

Content Formatting

• is that the content formatted well and straightforward to read quickly?
• Are H tags used?
• Are images used?
• is that the text weakened into easy to read paragraphs?

Good Headlines on Blog Posts

Good headlines go an extended way. confirm the headlines are well written and draw users in. Amount of content ads
• Since the implementation of Panda, the amount of ad-space on a page has become important to gauge.
• confirm there's significant unique content above the fold.
• If you've got more ads than unique content, you are likely to possess a drag.

Duplicate Content

• Do URLs include parameters or tracking code - this may result in multiple URLs for a bit of content.
• Does an equivalent content reside on completely different URLs?
• Take a content snippet, put it in quotes and look for it.
• Does the content shows anywhere else on the domain?
• Has it been scraped? - If the content has been scraped, you should put a request to file a content removal request with Google.

Sub-domain duplicate content

• Does an equivalent content exist on different subdomains?
• Check for a secure version of the location
• The content exists on a secure version of the website?


• Check the robots.txt
• Has the whole site, or important content been blocked via the robots.txt?

Alt text

• Is alt text present?
• Does the alt text use keyword phrases?

XML Sitemaps

• Are XML sitemaps in place?
• Are XML sitemaps covering for poor site architecture?


• Canonical version of site is laid out in Google Webmaster Tools
• Rel canonical link tag is correctly implemented across the location

URL Parameter

• No excessive parameters or session ID’s
• URLs exposed to look engines should be static.

Internal Linking

 Number of links on a page
 Is it enough?
 Good internal anchor text

Title Tags

• Every page should have a singular title tag.
• In most cases the brand should be included at the top of the page title to assist build a brand or entice users if you're a documented brand 65 - 70 characters long.

Meta Tags

• Each page features a unique meta description.
• Meta descriptions are representative of the content and entice users.

Off-Page SEO Checklist

• Social Bookmarking Submission
• One-way Inbound Links (Not Link Exchange Or Reciprocal Links)/Guest Posting.
• Blog Posting
• Article Submission
• handout Submission
• Forum Posting
• Blog Commenting
• Review Posting
• RSS Feed Submission
• Video Submission
• Profile Creation
• Link Wheel
• Social Media Optimization

Avoid Off-Page SEO Spamming Tactics

• Link farms (sites with 100+ outbound links per page)
• Using irrelevant keywords in your link-ads
• Garbage links
• Link churning
• Hidden inbound links

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