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Online watching videos how many of you? Like everybody I just want to know I got a question for you before I get started, how many of you have ever watched, Netflix or Hulu if you if you're, currently watching Netflix and Hulu. This is going to be for you you're going to be very excited and you're going to love me.  You're already in that mode of watching Netflix and movies and TV shows, and stuff like that so this is going to be perfect for you okay so I'm going to show you how you can basically in your bed, okay yeah I don't you're thinking yeah, that's my view every morning but stop it, listen lay in your bed okay and make money and yes this is legit I will prove it to you. How it works go to about here one thing, is free to sign up, and when you watch videos or go through surveys or whatever and they pay you, points see if you watch the video for, five minutes give you 17 points okay, now the points they have another scale, how they calculate points as relates to, dollars but the points will give you the, gift court gift cards pretty immediately, and this is kind of, all types of things with gift cards like, me I'd give them away to you for free, because you watch my video or maybe, because you took time out of your day to, learn something to better your life, right so I give these away you can give, these to your customers make sense given, to your customers they're free get one, give it to your customers like, you know give them something so it's, called the law of reciprocity here okay, does that make sense, everybody got it so Ernie bleed calm but, listen it's not going to make you rich but, it is some extra cash okay some extra, cash it's a beautiful website here the, next site is super pay mean super pay, dot mean okay and I think I sign up for, accounting I join and that's all you do, they paid out how much 3 million oh well, join free today ok I'm alright I have, our count here as you can see this is, brand new and if you stay to the end of, the video and if you like this right now, I'm going to show you a little pilot way, to get somebody else to do this ok got, to be very creative man ok so yeah you, just go to pacifically offer walls and, you go to video engage video that's if, you want to watch videos listen that has, many its many things many options on this website that gives you the; opportunity to make money; by watching videos online. I am going to tell you the another website by the name of “hot TV”, yes you must have a hot out account yes, it is free get it ok makes sense, and they just start watching videos okay, and you transfer your points over back, over to super pay me to make sense, can somebody write this down for me if, I'm giving you value right now listen, this is like a side hustle how many of, you were looking for outside hustle, until you really understand the internet, marketing industry and start making some, major cash all right this just said, let's just side money you know it's just, coming in put some gas in your tank, maybe pay for groceries I did it, you know don't let your ego get, the best of you know it's just ways, to make money crawl before you walk, okay I know you want to be at the beach, with Wesley virgin doing your feet like, this see it's fun but not yet you're not, ready okay but eventually you will okay, all right so that's all you do here and, they have many things you can do you can, refer to got contests thousand dollar I, mean it's a great way your buddy in, this video I'm going to show you something, that you can just lay in your bed and, how other people do it okay it's a, little it's a little trick it's a little, technique that I used to use okay all, right so here we go, last website is going to be a short video, oh okay, inbox dollars, there down police yeah it says exactly, what it means I'm actually setting up, today and got five dollars, you know you get five dollars just for, signing up like it is it's powerful here, look it up you get two cents if you want, to watch a video here know what you're, thinking to see its till since well its, money I don't care if it's a half a cent, it's mine in for me that's how I think I, like making money but they have other, things like surveys look at that for 50, Cent's you can do a survey you make, money okay and listen you know what you, can do you can just sit here a Sunday, right now while making this video and, just, hey you can just sit in your chair maybe, you don't have a beautiful beach and, maybe don't have that wind blowing, against your pretty gorgeous face but, maybe in your garage right now on your, air mattress and your bedroom whatever, you know working until you make 100, bucks you know the average person does, not make 100 bucks per date at their job, so before you start to think derogatory, about 100 bucks a day most of you don't, even make $100 a day at your jobs make, sense okay then we make 20, 000 you don't, even make $20 an hour so it's like think, about it, 20 bucks $20 an hour it's about what $10, an hour 80 bucks a day so about 12 to 15, bucks an hour it's about a 100 bucks a, day so you're basically if you just keep, going through this website and doing the, surveys and watching the videos doing it, doing all the stuff that they want you, to do to make the money, just think about I promise you in two to, three hours you can make 100 bucks and, now you don't have to go to your job and, wait for 100 bucks there, does that make sense all right here's, the sites that you need to go to boom, baby let's go let's get it, baby go to you know I use, Fiverr foot everything I'm serious I, will use Fiverr if I could hire a fiver, girl to come watch my body like I can, use my Jacuzzi and she can just bathe me, I will hire her tonight today if I could, hire a fiver girl to give me a massage, every day for five bucks I would I swear, to god this site is amazing right so, listen let me show how it works so a lot, of you all wear a fiver but let me show, you how to use it like a boss so what, you do is you scroll down to virtual, assistant you type in virtual assistant, because basically you're going to hire, somebody in another country for like 10, bucks five bucks or whatever you know, say hey I want to do a deal with you, I got this site by the name of inbox, dollars right and all you have to do, is go through the surveys watch these, videos go through all these offers until, you see that account hits a 100 bucks, per day and once you hit 100 bucks I'm, going to pay you five or ten bucks all, right say if you give them ten bucks you, know show them some love so you give, the ten bucks, you'll make 3, 000 a month and they'll, make 300 bucks a month and the average, income in a lot of those countries is, about 100 bucks it's old you know 300, bucks a month it's gold you see how we, use the leverage here that's what a, business person does see this how much, value given for free I know what you're, thinking Wesley you deserve a like and a, kiss right now hey only if you'll woman, okay I'm sorry, listen you go to Fiverr , you find you a sweet beautiful girl or I, like hiring women because no offense, meant you're just lazy sometimes and I, don't want a lazy person I like working, with women because women listen and, women just rock I swear to God like my, next business partner will be a woman I, have Ariel up I made her she said I made, her a million dollars I guess but I want, to get somebody else it's going to be all, women because I love women because they work, their ass off okay look here you find someone on okay, find somebody and you just missed, message to them okay see contact selling, say hey I got a deal for you got this, side here and all I want you to do is go, through the site all day until you see, the money the income here hit a hundred, bucks or 200 bucks but through it, doesn't matter it's up to you like, you're the boss does that make sense, like you're the boss you can say hey you, can hired three of these people right, hey I want you to go on super pay me, calm I want you not to leave this, website until you see 100 bucks has been, earned for the day you I want you to go, to inbox dollars calm and I want you to, stay here - it's a hundred bucks a day, makes sense and you can send somebody to, honorably come to see what we're doing, here, how many of you can do that, I'm curious now listen let me say one, let me share one more thing because some, of you might say well Wesley you know, this doesn't work in my country I don't, see my country in the list when I tried, to sign up right now what am I going to do, listen to me and listen to me, close this is a this is a key here this, is in a key ingredients to success, millionaires and billionaires we always, think there is a way so what I want you, to know there's always a way to do, something because your country is not, listed doesn't mean that you can't do it, let me give you some more value get a VP, even it's called a virtual private, network okay just search Google type in, free VPN what you do is you download the, VPN and see if you're in India or, Pakistan or some other country around, the world when you run this VPN he'll put you in the States, ok because remember the internet that make this very simplistic when you're online and you try to sign up for different sites it only registers your IP so based off the IP and knows where demographical our geographical location is you're currently located but, if you have a virtual private network, which you know all the great March will, just use this by the way you know we, never complain and say oh it's not going to work you get a VPN Indian wallah then, you can sign up makes sense any question, for a minute I'm curious I'm curious to, know how many of you like the content, and share the content with somebody else, I just I'm curious because if I deserve, it you should do it any questions and, I'm going to ask the questions listen you can always put your questions in the, comment section below.

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